FEAST · Enjoy your food without queueing.

FEAST mockup presentation

What is FEAST?

This project was developed for “Redtrucks”, a small startup settled in Barcelona that tries to offer support to the food trucks that are working in Catalunya. During 9 days, I worked with Marine Campanaro in the design of FEAST, an app that enables people to order and pick up food from food trucks in the context of festivals.

Exploring between the queue

Research summary

The research phase took approximately three days. We distributed interviews, conducted surveys, and analyzed competitor apps. This research let us know the target users (food truck owners and food truck users), the context and the problems.

User persona
User persona

These are some of the pain points of our users. Lisa and Luigis have different needs and expectations. Our app needs to address them in slightly different ways.

Pain points

How can Lisa skip the long queue?

Lisa is enjoying the music festival. At some point, she is starving and wants to eat something, but her favorite artist is about to sing. She wants, so skip the queues, so she is going to order food with FEAST.
Luigis is working at the same music festival. His main goal is to make his clients happy, so he needs to work efficiently in his food truck to avoid the queues outside. He is using FEAST to take orders!

From a low to a high fidelity prototype

These videos show the final prototype of FEAST. However, as usual, we started with a paper prototype and spent several days testing and iterating it. Here you can see only some of the challenges we faced in the process:

Evolution of the map/list view

Challenge 1Map View/ list view (users’ app). An important feature according to our competitive analysis. It evolved from “tabs”, to a “navigation bar” to allow quick access to the initial list of food trucks, and finally, to a simple “toggle button”.

Challenge 2. Disposition of buttons (owners’ dashboard). We were looking for the most efficient disposition of the elements. We started with horizontal buttons and we rapidly moved into vertical ones, which were easier to press with the finger. In our first versions, we included all the buttons, while in the last one only the next possible action buttons were presented.

Evolution of the owners' dashboard
Color palette

Challenge 3: Looking for the right “mood”. We tried two different color palettes. The first one (red) generated a “traditional”, but also a “warning” feeling. In contrast, the second (purple), evoked the right feelings: “fun”, “relax” and “youth”.

Road map and takeaways

According to our MoSCoW analysis and, after our experience designing FEAST, we have identified some areas in which we would love to work on in the future:

Road map / Next steps

Designing FEAST was a great experience for me. The topic of the project -music and food- and the client -Redtrucks-, attracted me from the beginning. They were two weeks of intense work, with many enjoyable moments. The following are just some of my “takeaways” from this project:

Would you like to see us in action?

Check the next video. Marine and I had the opportunity to present the project in the “Hackshow” at Ironhack Barcelona.