Cakebite – an app to design and order cupcakes

Presentation screen of cakebite

Cupcakes are always a good choice

Sweet things make people happy and even happier when they come with nice packaging. Muffins and cupcakes are trendy nowadays. Their success results from a combination of factors: taste and creativity.

On the other hand, consumers want to have more and more control over their shopping, including the ones that affect food. They look for autonomy, that is, the possibility to make choices in the shopping process.

Why don’t we mix both things and create an app to design and order cupcakes?

Let’s give people the possibility to “design” their own cupcake and receive it at home without much effort.

The purpose of this short project that took me one day was to learn Adobe XD and practice my UI skills with this new tool. I found it intuitive and great for simple projects.

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The app offers the user control over the whole process, from the selection of the flour, for those who have intolerances or different preferences, to the selection of the filling and the toppings.

Select the size screen
Select the flour screen
Select the filling screen
Select a wrapper screen
And If you want to rock it, you can also select a fun wrapper 🙂

Here you have a video of the final prototype. 

Thank you for reading! 🙂 Feel free to make a comment or ask a question. I’d be happy to reply.

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