About me

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I’m Aranzazu
a UX / UI Designer from the Canary Islands

I’ve been always a curious person. Since I was a child, I used to play researching the world outside. Careful observation and listening to the people around me were my main research tools. I remember I used to mimic the adult world but including smart solutions that made life easier and, of course, more fun. This intuitive game changed into a career in Clinical Psychology, the area in which I’ve been working as a freelance for at least 3 years. There again, my daily practice was listening to the people, identifying patterns, understanding their real problems and trying to help them to overcome the moment. Because I’m also an ambitious person, I started teaching psychology and video games at Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona (UPC). It was there where I found my love for the world of UX/UI Design.


I love working with people, whether it is a teammate, a client, a stakeholder, a patient or a student. Great coffee and beautiful cafeterias make me happy and give me the fuel to work hard on projects. Dancing is one of the activities where I find the “flow” and I recharge my creativity.